Today, we went cycling in Richmond Park. It wasn’t so much for leisure, as much as a mode of transportation. We needed to get across the park which is only about 3 km away, but takes about an hour by bus – two, in fact.  We wanted to check out a new riding school in Richmond Park, near Robin Hood Gate.  Fortunately, the day is generally sunny.

The ride isn’t difficult.  In all, it took about half an hour (at a most leisurely pace), which is still shorter than the bus. Of course, this is not possible all of winter as we aren’t even in the really cold period.  But it makes for a nice change.  The other thing that’s nice about it is that we get a bit of exercise, and leave zero carbon footprint.  Pretty good.

Coming back the other way takes longer and we are climbing back up the hill to get to our place.  We also took the dirt track which was very damp from recent rains, so you have to be careful.  What’s interesting is how quickly the temperature drops when you are right in the middle of the park. I noticed that as we got closer to built up areas, such as roads and buildings, it starter to get warmer. Guess what they say is true – that buildings do retain a lot of heat.