In Sydney, I used to go this place in Macquarie Shopping Centre that was pretty good for their chicken curry laksa.  Not mind you, for the dedicated among us, it not real curry laksa, but it was a pretty good Hong Kong style version.  There was lots of meat, lots of sambal, lots of spring onions (ok, too much), and lots of curry soup.  Yum!  The other thing about Sydney is, for some reason, curry laksa is a bit of “thing”.  I found it everywhere – in the Malaysian eateries, in the Hong Kong eateries, at food courts both in the city and the suburbs.  Sydney-siders love it!

I lived in Perth for a long time before moving to Sydney, and no, I just didn’t find it there as much.  This is, of course, going back quite some years ago, so I don’t know if things have changed.  But let’s just say Perth people aren’t as “into” their curry laksa as Sydney-siders.

Of course, you get good curry laksa, and you get bad curry laksa.  Bad is hint of coconut, hint of curry, and lots of water.  That’s really bad.  You don’t want that again.  Even if you don’t eat a lot of chilli and you are afraid of the heat, just don’t waste your money on bad curry laksa.

Anyway, London…..  London has no curry laksa (so far).  Thai duck curry, or green curry also does not count as a curry laksa.  But at a party, where we met other Singaporean friends, they told us we could get a good “hit” if we bought the Primi Taste Curry Laksa from Singapore.  So, of course, we went on the hunt.  Anyway, we did not find it in the Asian (Ooops, in England, it is Oriental) grocery shops here.  But as my parents were stopping through Singapore on their way here, we placed an order with them.

The Primi Taste curry laksa pack is like 1-2-3.  It is really easy to make.  Just add water.  (And noodles etc).  It really wasn’t too bad and was very much like a Singapore Curry Laksa even with the scent of the laksa leaf etc.  Really good.  We definitely enjoyed it, especially since we’d not had curry laksa anything for 6 months.

But it wasn’t the same – I think I still miss the Hong Kong style version from Macquarie Shopping Centre.

Anyway, worth eating, but not too often.  The curry was very rich and thick, because you add a lot of coconut milk powder to the mixture.  Kinda made me feel as though my arteries were clogging up.

I have enough pre-mixes to keep me going for a couple of weeks.  (Obviously, my supplier wasn’t clear I wanted a big order, and mis-read 10 packets and 1 packet.)  But sorry lah, none to supply anyone else.  My supplier only got the retail pack version, not the catering version, so I can’t cook a big pot.  Not unless I figure out how to do curry laksa from scratch.

By the way, I would’ve stuck a picture of our Primi Taste curry laksa, but I ate it faster than I could get the camera out. So you’ll just have to imagine it for yourself.