I’m still working on my Barcelona posts.  I love doing the travel posts, but it does take a while as I look for photos, re-size them etc and work it into the blog, so they are coming.

I only wanted to say that Autumn is really coming.  Sunrise is now around 6.30 am, and sunset around 7.15 pm.  Even so, it can get “darkish” during the day when the sky is overcast.  The evenings definitely have a chill in the air now, and I’ve occasionally had to turn the heater on.  I love keeping the windows open for some cross-wind, but it’s getting too cold for that now.

I hear so much from those around me (and those not around me) about the English winters.  At the moment, I have a “fear” around it.  I suppose fear is too strong a word.  Rather, I feel rather gloomy about it, like doom is about to descend.  I know this is absolutely not true, for how can winter be “doom”.  Yes, I can get that it will be gloom, but from a physical aspect, in terms of the light etc.  But from the emotional aspect? I cannot deny that I feel gloomy thinking about winter.  But “doom”?  I’ve heard it used for PC games, for hell (which is hot) and for fatalism/accursed (he’s doomed to be this way).  So what relationship does “doom” have with winter?

Whatever it is that I’ve picked up through conversation, all I know now is that my mindset is about surviving winter.  I’m not talking about the physical aspect of the cold.  Rather the emotional aspect of grit your teeth and get on with it.    To be honest, I’m not sure what I’m surviving, given that I’ve never experienced this type of winter before.  So, everything that I think I’m going to face, it is a combination of what everyone has told me.

What I have to remind myself is that that is their experience – a combination of how their physical environment has impacted their emotional state resulting in their interpretation of the situation.  It may be that this is my experience when I go through it, but it also doesn’t have to be. ….. Just have to maintain the discipline.  Ooops, another “grit” word.