One of many valleys we passed from Genoa to Nice.  Hey! This looks like my banner head.  Sorta kinda.
One of many valleys we passed from Genoa to Nice. Hey! This looks like my banner head. Sorta kinda.

Technically, holiday brochures would count this as Day 8, but really, it’s the day for travelling home.  We had to wake up early in the morning to be ready to leave the cabin by 7am.  Okay, 6 am is really early for us!  We also wanted to get to the dining restaurant before the rest of the crowd.  Yes, it was one last opportunity to be served a meal.  Much more civilised than buffet.

Because we had to travel to Nice to catch our flight home, we were one of the first groups off the ship.  Pretty much, it was straight through the terminal and onto the bus.  It being the morning, we were much more alert to the sights around us.  In total, we travelled through 130 tunnels to get to Nice.  Yes, I know.  I counted all along the 2 hour drive back.

It was about 6 hours before our flight.  Nice airport has a left luggage service, which cost $10 Euros per piece.  It’s well worth it if you want to do a quick trip into Nice.  We’d been to Nice before.  Last year, in fact, so we were familiar with the area and particularly, where we wanted to go.  We headed straight for Promenade d’Anglais.  There’s a street just behind it (near the Opera House in the old town) where there’s a whole bunch of restaurants.  Most restaurants were serving a 3 course menu, which we felt was just too much for us, especially coming off a 7 day cruise.  In the end, it was the Moules Mariniere that caught our eye.

After lunch, we headed out to our favourite gelateria in the whole world – Amorino Cioccolato.  (Yes, I can absolutely say that with confidence.)  We got a delicious gelato, shaped in a beautiful flower.  Absolutely delicious.  Did a quick wander through Galleries Lafayette, and then we were back at the airport to check our luggage through.  (To be honest, I think Galleries Lafayette is a bit overrated.  Harrods is far nicer a shopping, or window-shopping, experience.)  By the time we walked through our front door, it was 9 pm (10 pm if we were still in Europe).  Dinner was a very “exotic” one-course meal:  good ol’ Maggi noodles.