I’ve never had the luxury of broadband WIFI at my disposal before.  And it is amazing how quickly I have become used to it.  I mean, when it is not there, I miss it completely.  Can’t hop onto Facebook, surf the net or check my emails online.  It is like I am not much good for anything else, until I can do this each day.  Much like my morning cup of coffee.  I recall when dialing up to get internet was such a great thing.  How far we have come in terms of technology.  These luxuries have now become necessities.  And the more I have of internet, the more I surf to useless places (and sometimes useful places), and sometimes (I think) the less I become knowledgeable about things.  But when broadband was down, I picked up a textbook (no less) and started reading that.  I was even wondering how I missed it.

And what is the point about this whole blog.  Nothing.  Nothing, nothing, nothing.  It is just a bunch of words and rambling.  Ha, ha, ha, I made you read.