Thorpe Park
Thorpe Park

We headed out to Thorpe Park in Staines for the company Family Day.  Beautiful sunshine in the morning, it was bucketing down with rain by the afternoon.  All we could do was sit indoors and eat.  Part of dealing with the weather in London is having faith that the weather will clear up.  Trust me, when it goes all dark, storm clouds across the sky, torrential rain falling, it is very hard to imagine otherwise.  But after about half an hour, the rain subsided.  One thing I’ve learned is to take a good thing as it is.  If you’re still waiting for full sunshine to emerge, then you may or may not get it.  So out we went and tried out the rides.

Thorpe Park could have been a lot more fun.  Well, I think it is a lot of fun.  But I found a lot of the rides to have a 1.4m height restriction.  Absolutely acknowledge it for safety etc, but it was a bit devastating for my son, who was so looking forward to it.  Of course, he became upset that he just wasn’t tall enough etc etc.  So, in the interest of keeping it all in the family, the rest of us did not go on the rides.

We went on a few eg. the water rides, and some of the tamer ones.  Loggers Leap is a lot of fun, though be prepared to get very wet.  Tidal wave also looked like good fun, but we did not go because we weren’t prepared to get drenched.  Trust me, drench is the operative word. One thing that I’d never seen before were these Heatwave booths.  Basically, it is a body air dryer, to dry you off after that very wet ride.

If you are going and are taller than 1.4m, then the rides (I heard) to go for are Collosseus, Stealth and Saw.  I heard that Saw is actually a lot tamer than what people initially thought.  Anyway, just as well my son couldn’t go on. I’m reaching the age where I find corkscrew turns and loops very sickening.

Thorpe Park isn’t too bad for a day out.  Good for very little people (who don’t know what they are missing and couldn’t care less) and big people (who are happy to jump on the thrill rides over and over again).  It isn’t so great for the in-between people (that is, under 1.4m and capable of processing loss and disappointment).  There are a few rides that have a bit of excitment, with the rest of the rides simply too tame to even try.

But it was a free day out for us (let’s not forget that and be ungrateful) and truly, we had a lot of fun – coz in the end, you make your own fun anyway.  But you knew that already, didn’t you?