Time flies.  Certainly, time flew last month.  After my big posts about Berlin, I took a break. It was like I just didn’t want to write anymore. Or maybe I felt there was nothing to say. Afterall, how exciting is sorting out utilities bills, going shopping at Tesco, and planning the move in my mind? Not very exciting. And, I’d spent the last month reading books, not sightseeing, so how exciting is that?

It was a spot of laziness, that grew and grew and grew.  So here’s a post, however pathetic it might be – just to get me out of a rut.  Because every so often we fall into a rut.  The trick is to get out of it.

The greatest lie is that not nothing has happened in the last month. Rather, a lot has happened. I went to a BBQ, went Greenwich, caught up with people in Richmond for coffee, went to a Horrible Histories play, went out for dinner, went to a cinema for a movie, bought a bike on eBay, bought a 42 inch TV on eBay, moved into our new apartment, got cross with the leasing agents, got cross with the previous tenants, had to clean the new place, had to throw out more stuff that we clearly don’t need and should not have come from Australia, booked more holidays to Europe, planned for possible places to visit when my parents arrive in September, planned for places to visit during summer holidays with my little one, read several books, cooked dinner, played Call of Duty, played host to my friend who just visited, and started job hunting.

It’s been quiet, I know. But I’ve been busy.