Big Ben
Big Ben

I can’t believe it.  It’s been a month (and a little bit more) since we arrived.  It has been a month that has crawled by, and yet it has sped by so very quickly.  I learnt some years ago, that it’s very useful to take time to take stock of what’s happened so far, and to acknowledge the achievements in our relocation.  Too often they can whizz by and too easily we forget all the things that we’ve done.  So what have we done?

1.  We moved countries, and tied up as much as we could on all the paperwork in Australia. (Unfortunately, still more to do at this end.)

2.  We packed up the house contents and stuffed it into a container, and organised for our house to be cleaned and rented out.  That was a lot of work over several months of decluttering.

3.  We got our child settled into a new school.  This involved work before we left and after we arrived.  I spent lots of time on Google maps “measuring” distances, and “imagining” how it would all work out.

4.  Hubby started his new job.

5.  We went house hunting and found a place to rent.

6.  We/I went sightseeing and this is what we/I got through:  Hampton Court (several times), Kew Gardens, Kew Palace, trained it to Portsmouth, Historic Naval Dockyards, HMS Belfast, Science Museum, British Museum, Russell Square, Museum of London, visited relatives in Devon, went to Haytor rocks in Dartmoor National Park, hiked around Castle Drogo in Devon, walked Richmond Park, window shopped in Oxford Street, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Downing Street, Banqueting Hall, Horse Guards, and Trafalgar Square.

7.  One sleepover over party.

8.  One play.

9.  Read five books.

10.  Took hundreds of photos.

11.  Spent hours on Facebook and travel blog.

12.  Took child to various extra-curricular activities, including 2 Scout groups, fencing, horse-riding, French lessons and gaming (Warhammer-style).

Wow!  That’s quite a lot.  And here I was thinking I wasn’t doing much.  I don’t think so.  I haven’t included, all the research I’ve had to do for schools, researching properties, visiting the Local Council to get more information, organising holidays in August and more sightseeing trips, working out my after-school care arrangements, low-key job hunting, reviewing leases etc, etc, etc.

Okay.  I’ve been busy.  I think I need a holiday now …..