One of the difficult things about a relocation is children being concerned about how they will settle into the new school.  And one of the things children are concerned is leaving their friends behind and making new friends. It’s a little heart breaking when they say they are afraid of going to a new place because “What if nobody likes me?”  I suppose big people feel this way about it too sometimes, but we’ve just learnt not to say it to anyone

The little one learned this week, that school in a new country wasn’t as bad as he tought it would be.  In fact, it was better.  He got a lot of attention, because he is the new kid.  He had new friends and buddies assigned to take him around the school. The fact that he went off on a school excursion on the second day of school didn’t go down badly at all.  And to the National Art Gallery, no less.  Access to school lockers, school dinners, extra-curricular activities, and being able to walk home from school were all major pluses. And, no homework yet.  Even I’m liking this school.

In the end, the little one is learning that change can be a good thing. It sometimes means doing some things differently, and if you open your mind to it, new things that you’d never thought of doing before.

So, thumbs up for the first week of school.