Another 5.30 am start.  I just don’t do this in Sydney.  It’s way too early!  I suppose I could go for a walk, but it looks way too cool.  So I’m sitting here updating my blog.  It means for me that the day is very long.  I hit about 2 pm in the afternoon, and I think it’s already time for dinner. The absolute upside, of course, is that I can sight see all day, except that my feet hurt – a lot!

We needed supplies.  Already we’d made the decision that we needed to get to Tesco’s Online to do a bulk delivery.  Yesterday evening, we had to haul dinner up the hill.  (I’ve never had to work for my meals before! ) But dinner the night before wasn’t going to last us the day.  So we geared up with back packs, and organised ourselves for the big walk down the hill.  That was the easy part.

We checked our the Farmers’ Markets at Richmond. (Sorry, no pictures.  We had to decide what not to bring and a camera was one of them.)  It was quite good.  We bought a few things – potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli.  We stared at a few things too, like beetroot that’s not from a can, and purple broccoli.  How do you cook that?

Ooh, what’s that spring roll looking thing?  Can’t remember what it’s called.  Anyway, we’ll call it an Algerian Spring Roll for the moment.  Got that for dinner.  By the way, no pictures again.  We ate it before the camera came out of the bag.  And we also bought a lamb and rosemary pie for dinner another night.  Afterall, we are in England are we not?  Does not Algerian spring roll and lamb pie constitute English fare?

The till cranked up pretty quickly and soon we had spent some twenty pounds.  Yikes!  That’s like AUD$45, and it’s not even the official grocery shop.  “Stop converting”, my husband tells me.  Off to Tesco we go.

Shopping in a new country takes a lot of time.  That’s because you keep looking at new brands, and new quantities and trying to find what’s going to be your new favourites.  Soft drinks were on sale – 3 for a pound twenty.  Great value, but that means we have to carry 6 kg worth of weight up the hill.  Thankfully, the Cousin rings to find out about lunch.  He’s walking to Richmond from Twickenham.

Even with an extra pair of hands, the hike up the hill was a bit full-on – for me.  I am sure in time, it’ll be no problem and I’ll run up this hill.  But in the meantime, I feel like I’m training to trek up Mt Everest, and Richmond Hill isn’t a very big hill, not really.  The plus side is that you’re not swatting flies off your face, so that makes it a bit more pleasant.  I hate flies.  That’s the one thing  I don’t miss being here.  That’s the one thing I notice that’s not here when I walk in the parks.

By the way, Richmond Park is absolutely grand.  After you pass through the gates – it’s like Narnia and stepping through the cupboard – you’re in a completely different environment.  I kid you not, this place looks like you are out in the country and you are skipping through the meadows.  Except that you have to watch out for the cars, joggers and cyclists.  But apart from that …..

Richmond Park deserves it’s own space, so I’ll leave it for now.  Besides, I need a new topic for another day.  Regular blogging is quite hard work, really.