The devil is in the detail
Photo taken in Kings Park, Perth Western Australia, where I am currently enjoying time with family before heading to London.

I’ve always thought of relocating as an interesting way of travelling. But I’ve now decided it is definitely much more significant and involved. For me, the difference is in the sense of finality with the move. With travel, you are coming back. With relocating, even though you know you will be back, you just don’t know when.

Also with relocation, you have to have the details completely organised before you leave. Like everything – House (or soon to be investment), school, tax.  Those are the 3 main things.  Oh, of course, your visas. That goes without saying.  Job is optional really, if you can fund the trip directly. Great to have, but really? Optional.

And believe me, there is a high level of detail required in relocating – even with help.  Despite strong project management skills and high attention to detail, it’s been a challenging process.  Probably because it just goes on for weeks on end.  It can be wearing.  Certainly wore me down.  In the last few weeks, I really didn’t care anymore.  St Vinnies here, St Vinnies there. It all went into the container to get dealt with later.

But sorting out the details for the house (or investments), school and tax – the devil is definitely in the detail.  And there are a lot of it.  And I haven’t even begun to talk about the human side of moving (missing friends, family or social networks), nor am I even in London yet.