Luna Park, Sydney Australia

The laughing clown outside Sydney’s iconic Luna Park. It’s a fantastic place for adults and children alike. Amusement rides would be considered tame by today’s standards, and they are still lots of fun. Luna Park is located by the water in North Sydney. From Sydney city, you’ll cross the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge to get there.

You know, moving countries is difficult enough, without having to get into power trips – in this case with the British High Commision (though I’m sure many other immigration departments apply.) Why do they have to be so difficult? Is it a power trip?  Goodwill is definitely not in their vocabulary. Okay, so I understand that there have been people who breached that trust and there are very bad people they don’t want to let into the country.

But there are a lot of good people out there – like me.  Ok, I get that London is where everyone else wants to be also. And the new changes to the visas meant that everyone else also applied for the same visa.  But, no, we couldn’t even get a timeline of when they would be deciding, whether it was okay and whether they needed more information.  Too much to ask I expect.  The only answers we got were “No, I can’t tell you that”, “No, I can’t give you a timeline when your visa will be issued”, and “No, you’ll just have to wait”.  And we had to pay $25 a call for the privilege of getting these answers.  This is after the  $4,500 for the visa application fees. Couldn’t they just have built the price of the phone call into the application fee?

Would you believe that 2 hours after our call, we got email confirmation that our visas had been approved.  Did our call make the difference, or were they just toying with our emotions?  Why couldn’t they have just told us our visas were approved 2 hours before?

Oh, the stress of it all ……